Color rendering

- Mar 29, 2017-

Light on the extent of the color of the object appears as color rendering, which is how vivid a color, high color rendering of light sources, to the color rendering is better, the colors that we see are close to the natural color, color rendering

Low light color performance is poor, we see color deviations are large.

Why will has played color sex level of points does? its key is the light of points light characteristics, visible of wavelength in 380nm to 780nm of range within, is we in spectrum in the see of red, and orange, and yellow, and green, and green, and blue, and violet of range, if light by radiation of light among by containing of colored light of proportion and natural light similar, is we eyes by see of color also on more realistic.

General color rendering index to characterize color. Standard color in standard light source of radiation, high color rendering index is set at 100. When the color is when the test light, color in Visual distortion measure, is the color rendering index of the light source. Color-rendering index greater, less distortion, and vice versa, distortion, the greater and less color rendering index. Different places on the color-rendering index of the light source is not the same.

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