Gradually popular LED lighting products - LED COB flood light

- Oct 27, 2017-

Gradually popular LED lighting products - LED COB flood light

    LED COB flood light(LED SMD flood) is a serious project of urban beautification, especially in some large cities. When the dark night lighting by the building lighting, is not there a kind of beautiful feeling. It not only beautify the city, together also led to the economic start.

LED SMD flood light is the use of building lighting more equipment, because the general building lighting is also called Outdoor LED flood light. Today we have to explain the LED mining lamp with the equipment method.

We have to understand why the use of LED mining lights and buildings, the reason, still because of its light weight, long life, energy saving and safe and safe features.

Rechargeable LED flood light equipment: 1, indoor equipment: Emergency LED flood light in the indoor equipment is relatively simple. Each side of the LED lights are attached to the opposite side of the self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive, the equipment can be directly peeled 3M double-sided adhesive surface of the sticker, and then fixed in the demand for light of the local equipment, hand flat like. 2, outdoor equipment: outdoor equipment a little trouble, because the demand to take into account the impact of climate. In the outdoor equipment when the need to use the card slot fixed method. Demand cut and connect the local, method and indoor equipment the same, only need to be equipped with other waterproof glue, so that the junction can be more solid, but also play a waterproof effect. 3, power connection method: LED mining lamp using the voltage is generally DC 12V. 4, the controller connection method: LED mining lamp and RGB full color light with the need to use the controller to complete the change effect.

    Slim  LED Flood light  is now gradually popular LED lighting products, generally have indoor and outdoor use of the points. Outdoor bulb is generally high-power lights, compared to the traditional high-power energy-saving lamps, LED mining lamp high brightness, long life, energy saving, there must be the potential of shopping malls. The main use of shopping malls are factories, warehouses and other places. Because by the skills, heat, light efficiency and other restrictions, part of the LED power is not very high power. The indoor is generally low-power type, with its energy saving, environmental protection, long life and other advantages gradually into the public's family.

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