High Brightness LED, low calorie

- Mar 29, 2017-

Green activists

LED is made from nontoxic material, unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury can cause pollution, and LED can also be recycled.

Strong and durable

LED is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin, which is stronger than the light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. The lamp body and no loose parts, these features make the LED is damaged easily.

The effect of

Greatest advantages of LED lights is energy-saving and environmental protection. The luminous efficiency of more than 100 LM/w, ordinary incandescent lamps only 40 LM/w, energy-saving lamps are hovering around 70 lumens/Watt. So, the same wattage, LED light effect will be much better than incandescent and energy saving lamps. 1-watt LED lamp brightness is equivalent to 2 Watts of energy-saving lamps, 5 watt LED lamp for 1000 hours power consumption of 5 degrees, LED lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, LED lamp without radiation.

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