How does the LED work light solve heating dissipation?

- Oct 30, 2017-

How does the LED work light solve heating dissipation? 

LED work light heat can not only rely on radiation scattered, so the LED "cold" light source. The current LED 80-90% of the energy into heat, if the LED chip can not shed the heat, will accelerate the aging of the chip, but also may lead to melting the solder joints, so that the chip failure. So the temperature of the chip can not exceed 125 degrees Celsius. 


Obviously, in order to effectively reduce the temperature of the core, it is necessary to minimize the small thermal resistance. Because this is to ensure that LED flood lamp source in the LED light source life, heat has become a high-power LED application of a key factor. Improve the quantum efficiency of the LED, thereby increasing the luminous efficiency of the flakes, fundamentally reduce the heat should be born. In addition, by improving the LED package structure, so that heat more easily spread out. With flip-chip structure, the use of silicon to heat. 

With a very thin thermal plastic foil will be stuck in the square aluminum hot lining, more conducive to the transmission of heat

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