How to choose the advantage of high-power led flood light

- Nov 13, 2017-

How to choose the advantage of high-power led flood light

With the development of science and technology, high power miner's lamp manufacturers display many technical difficulties have been resolved, screen manufacturing process more ancestors, protection continued to strengthen, screen area more and more large, point spacing in the continuous narrowing, from the P8/P6 specifications together to shorten to P4/P3, Now P2.5 specifications of the small spacing high-power miner's lamp manufacturers performance screen has been very common, with the application of the continued expansion of the field of thin products more welcomed by the market.

High-power LED COB flood Light specific advantages, large-scale project area is relatively large, with small power lamps are not able to achieve industrial lighting brightness, and according to the requirements of industrial lighting brightness, illuminance must reach more than 300lux, so the use of high-power lamps, in many LED high-power lamps, Thermal performance, appearance, large-area lighting, installation and other aspects of high-power miner's lamp is the best, so high-power workers miner's lamp is popular with the people.

High-power LED work Lamp

In order to work in medium and long term and reliable in dusty and humid environment, high power LED project lamp has special requirements in structure design, shell and reflector. In the dusty environment should use the airtight lamp or has the upward light pass the convection type lamp; The airtight of the enclosure and the surface treatment of the reflector should be paid attention to in the humid environment; general indoor commonly used open type lamps, using enamel surface reflector, surface alumina film thicker or coated with silica protective film aluminum reflector; Taking into account the inevitable vibration in the production place, the fixed light source should be used to prevent loose lampholders, and so on. High-power miner's lamp has a variety of fixed ways. General lighting has suction roof, embedding, hoisting (using straight pipe or chain) and suction wall and other forms. The removable local illumination lamp is equipped with the corresponding hook, handle, clamp foot and so on; fixed-type local lighting lamps are usually securely locked on the working machine with screws or fixtures.

High-Power LED SMD flood light belongs to indoor or outdoor lighting, in commercial lighting and home lighting applications more widely used for auxiliary lighting and main lighting, but the current market on the high-power miner's lamp quality is uneven, if not attention, it is possible to buy quality products.

The main factors are: brightness, high-power slim LED Flood light as lighting and other brightness is very important, resulting in a different brightness, the price is different. Consumers must pay attention to the high power miner's lamp should conform to the laser grade Ⅰ class standard. Antistatic ability, it is mainly embodied in high-power mining lamp service life, long life, high price. From a professional point of view, antistatic must be greater than 700V to use. The luminous angle, if the luminous angle is different, also causes. such as the special luminous angle, the price is higher. such as full diffuse angle, the price is higher. As an important part of the high power Miner's lamp, the LED chip is one of the factors which are different and different in size. Colloid is essential, led colloid is generally epoxy resin, if there is anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant and other effects of the price is more expensive. Well, almost finished, through the above points, you can choose to the cost-effective high-power mining lamp products. Choose a good source of LED production, perfect testing equipment, professional manufacturers better, will let you buy high-power project LED flood light more secure.












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