LED by high-tech

- Mar 29, 2017-

Compared with traditional light sources glow effect, LED light source is low-voltage micro-electronic products, the successful integration of computer technology, network communication technology, image processing and embedded control technology. Chip size for 0.25mmX0.25nm used in traditional LED lamps and lighting using LED's size in the 1.0mmX1.0mm above. LED die molding table structure, Inverted pyramid and flip-chip designs to improve their efficiency, so as to emit more light. LED packaging design innovations including high-conductivity metal substrates, flip chip and bare plate casting type lead frame, using these methods can create devices with high power, low thermal resistance and the illuminance in these devices more illumination than traditional LED product.

A typical high flux LED devices can produce a few lumens to dozens of lumen luminous flux, updated design more LED can be integrated in a single device, or installing multiple devices in a single Assembly, so that the lumen output equivalent to a small incandescent lamp. For example, a monochrome LED high power 12 chip device output 200lm light energy, the consumption of power between 10~15W.

Application of LED light sources are very flexible, you can create point, line, face various forms of thinness; LED control is, as long as the current, you can dimmer; different combinations of light and color is very dynamic and sequential control circuits, more dynamic changes can achieve a variety of effects. LED have been widely used in various lighting devices, such as battery-powered flashlight, mini voice control lights, security lights road, an outdoor and indoor stair lighting, and buildings with a mark of continuous lighting.

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