LED COB flood light Prize

- Oct 30, 2017-

LED COB flood light Prize 

    With the accelerating pace of urbanization, the application of street lamps is also more extensive, energy-saving LED COB flood light  as the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving lamps in a quietly deep into the hearts of users, and gradually take the traditional street lights to replace the trend. Energy-saving mining lamps compared with the traditional street lights have obvious advantages, which is the key to energy-saving mining lamp is very popular.


Today, governments have advocated energy-saving LED SMD flood light to replace the traditional street lamp energy-saving renovation project, and further advance to 23 cities, and then "smart lighting" intervention, strengthening the advantages of energy-saving mining lamp, so that the original energy saving LED Of the technical energy saving 10-20%.


Even so, its popularity is not scheduled, especially this year, energy-saving mining lamps to promote the speed was significantly lower than expected, slowing growth. Is affected by the government, anti-corruption and other objective factors, or is subject to energy-saving mining lamp technology, market prices and other subjective factors?


Portable LED flood light

At present, road lighting or high pressure sodium lamp, energy-efficient mining lamp and can not really replace it. From the technical level, LED and high pressure sodium compared to, and so on, such as the light of the light efficiency,Portable LED flood light can reach 100lm / W or more, and even if the high pressure sodium lamp and ballast, up to Can only reach 60-70lm / W, LED light effect has been significantly higher than the high pressure sodium lamp, and from the price point of view, LED is also much higher than the high pressure sodium lamp. Although the technical level, the market price point of view, Portable LED flood light is not worse than the high pressure sodium lamp, but its popularity still needs a process. Specific from the following three aspects:

 First, the energy efficiency of Solar charger LED flood light than high-pressure sodium lamp, this is only out of technical level. In the market, the current LED industry is in the early stages of development, poor business than the good business, this part of the "poor students" will cause the market for RGB LED flood light misunderstanding: "Solar charger LED flood light is not how." Therefore, how to make people understand and accept the RGB LED flood light is still a need for a process.


Second, with the LED era of accelerating the development of enterprises gradually realize the importance of product quality, and constantly to high-quality development, the overall market circulation of product quality will increase.

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