LED color temperature

- Mar 29, 2017-

The color temperature of the light source:

With a color temperature of the light source is equal or similar entirely in the absolute temperature of the radiation light source color table (direct observation of the color that you see when the light source to the human eye), also known as the color temperature of the light source. Color temperature is expressed in absolute temperature, k. Different color temperatures can cause different reactions people in emotionally, we believe that the color temperature of the light source are divided into three categories:

... Warm light

Warm light color temperature is below 3300K,. warm light color similar to incandescent light, red light more, gives a warm, healthy and comfortable feel, suitable for home, residential, dormitory, hospital, hotel, and other places, or places where temperatures are lower.

Warm white

Also called medium color, its color temperature is between 3300K-5300K.. soft light warm white light, gives rise to a pleasant, comfortable, serene feel, suitable for shops, hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms and other places.

. Cold light

Also known as daylight color, its color temperature is above 5300K, source close to natural light, bright feeling, makes people focus, suitable for offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, a drawing room, design room, a library reading room, window display, and other places.

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