LED flood light technology is improving fastly in industrial lighting market development

- Oct 30, 2017-

 LED flood light technology is improving fastly in industrial lighting market development

   LED technology maturity to improve the development of industrial lighting market can be expected, with the continuous improvement of technology maturity, in recent years, LED light source in the global lighting field penetration has been a considerable degree of increase in the application of the scene, such as Led slim panel light, automotive electronics and street lamps, etc., are LED light source has entered and developed for some time. But like industrial applications, we did not hear too much about the news.


    Industrial LED lighting for Taiwan, or more unfamiliar, the reason is that the Taiwan industry for the Project LED flood light lighting or heavy weight of the terminal applications, and industrial areas of the required LED lighting and no larger demand, in addition, fine Point of view, different application scenarios, the requirements of the LED light source are not the same. In the case of application scenarios, it can be divided into warning lights such as heavy industry, electronics factory, food factory or outdoor chimney, such as LED lighting for food factory, and special requirements for waterproofing are due to the need for high pressure water column Rinse, LED lighting in the design of the body, we must pay special attention. In addition, such as the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) also for the chimney warning lights warning lights have the relevant lighting.

As the original light source using HID lights, but because of the closure, can not immediately restore its illumination, but the use of outdoor LED flood light, you can immediately solve. So the stadium is also changed last year, LED light source, the other like supermarkets, shipyards, warehousing, etc., in the North American market have been using LED, so the development of a very fast, only its product quality has a higher demand, life time at least Rounds.itherigma calling rounds.

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