LED pane lamp market potential unlimited who can seize the opportunity?

- Oct 27, 2017-

LED pane lamp market potential unlimited who can seize the opportunity?

In the current lighting market, there is a class of LED lighting products market share is growing, playing an increasingly important role - Led flat panel light fixture. LED plate lights in recent years has gradually become a business and public consumers love a lighting, is the attitude of the dark horse in the global lighting market attention.

Side light and back light LED flat light

It is understood that LED flat light by lighting the main categories are side-emitting LED flat panel lights and back-emitting LED flat light (direct type) two. Side Slim surface panel lights mainly by the frame bracket, diffusion plate, reflector, light guide plate, drive, light bar composition, the use of light guide plate technology to the side light to the front. Side light-emitting panel light as the LED should be placed around the light guide plate through the light guide, resulting in lower overall energy efficiency; and the light guide plate quality requirements are higher, relatively poor reliability.

Compared with the side of the LED panel light, the light source can be very evenly distributed in the diffusion plate behind, directly down the back of theLED troffer light will have more advantages: the first is due to LED flat light emitted by the diffusion plate directly through the diffusion plate The second is the back light of the LED plate light to save the light guide plate, so the lighter quality; the third is to save the light guide plate to make the cost of lighting lower, and the internal greater Of the space, the design is more flexible; the fourth is the required fewer components, more reliable performance, better quality.

But because of the need to ensure that the effect of lighting, back light LED flat light LED light source and the diffusion plate to have a certain distance between the visual to see the luminous point, so can not do too thin, so these two LED plate lights have excellent Poor, designer or user can choose according to their own needs.

How to choose LED flat lamp manufacturers?

LED panel lights are now in the market occupies a great advantage, more and more businesses or the public consumption of the LED plate lights feel the energy saving and convenient, but the face of fierce competition in the market pressure for customers to choose a quality Good LED flat panel lamp manufacturers is essential.

First, the product through the relevant certification: LED panel lights in the choice of manufacturers to see if it has the relevant certification, look at the material of the product is exquisite workmanship, and products have been certified by the national quality system standards.

Second, look at the manufacturers of the scale of production: decided to purchase before the relevant LED flat lamp manufacturers to carry out the relevant field visits, inspection manufacturers of manufacturing capacity, whether to sign the contract, the strength of the manufacturers will not be delayed delivery, There are contracts with guaranteed shipping dates.

Third, the after-sales service: the choice of failure If the LED flat-panel lamp manufacturers can fulfill the responsibility to return, and whenever the cause of the manufacturers due to the return policy, should be pick up from the factory service.

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