LED panel light manufacturers is how to look at the market as a new favorite

- Oct 27, 2017-

LED panel light manufacturers is how to look at the market as a "new favorite"

In the home, business, office and other fields can find it "shadow", LED technology progress even more flat panel lights gradually replace the grid (Figure), energy saving, simple, convenient and other advantages of flat lamp by more and more users sought after, from home, business, office and other fields can find it " Grille, stent and other products.

Tablet lights are more competitive in the future

Nanchang lights network O2O experience shop general manager Yin Jia Dong

LED flat lamp last year, the market situation, it can be said to usher in a small outbreak period, the market reaction sales situation is better, to the original downturn in the market and manufacturers to enhance a lot of confidence. Compared with last year, the first half of this year, flat lamp market sales have declined, is expected to usher in the second half of the market season, sales will rebound sharply. LED flat lamp technology innovation in the continuous improvement, with long life, high light efficiency, cost-effective, easy installation and other characteristics, in the field of engineering lighting a place, and widely used in home lighting market, the product has been sought after by consumers.

The current overall market performance is still worrying, LED lighting industry shuffle under the stronger the stronger the pattern of the more obvious. The future, LED flat light products in terms of performance will have a substantial increase in the market will launch a more competitive products and brands.

Flat plate lights too much impact on sales

Taiyuan Wanding Lighting General Manager Li Shuilian

From the emergence of flat-panel lights began to contact this category, the main wholesale and engineering, engineering field driven flat lamp demand, compared with last year sales have improved.

The biggest risk in the process of agency flat lights is the market no-name too much, thus affecting the brand product sales, the solution can only be through the promotion of brand awareness and increase services to avoid risks. So will carefully choose the brand awareness of manufacturers, manufacturers hope to help run the market. Personally think that the trend will be very good plate market, and will gradually occupy part of the downlight and kitchen and toilet lights market.

Counterfeiting seriously leads to malicious bidding

This year's business as before, sales are unsatisfactory. The current confusion is mainly product counterfeiting too serious, resulting in a malicious price competition; market capacity is small, only home, sales growth rate is slow.

Flat light market tends to be stable

Zhongshan Xuhui lighting Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhangxuhui.

Since last year,  Zhangxuhui set off Led surface panel light class war since the market flat plate prices all the way plummeted, the quality is uneven, and some products with three or two days on the bad, a serious blow to the confidence of dealers and consumers. In engineering, the light guide plate side of the light plate has an irreplaceable advantages, such as glare treatment, ultra-thin, etc., designers and engineers are still more popular with the light guide plate flat lights.

Hope to get business support

Zhongshan Xuhui lighting Co., Ltd. Export Manager Sally

Bright lights have access to Led suspended panel light for several years, the agent has all the public light flat light. Consumers on the requirements of flat lights become larger, because of its simple, stylish, easy to install, easy to sell, so choose to operate flat lights. Compared with the same period last year, this year's flat lamp sales slightly improved.

The price is more and more transparent, and even no festivals of low prices, coupled with the style update too fast, to a large extent test our shipping speed and sales level. In cooperation with the manufacturers process, we hope that enterprises in the human support, in terms of channels to open up the market.

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