LED project light assembly structure problems will also affect the daily lighting ​

- Oct 26, 2017-

LED project light assembly structure problems will also affect the daily lighting

With the LED industrial and mining products and the implementation of a wide range of applications, more and more families and work units are selected LED lights, but some experts expressed concern about this, after the test proved that the market now LED mining lights will cause headaches, Force drop, vision loss and other issues.

Six years ago, the market success of LED project light instead of old light bulbs. Many families, work units and public places are beginning to use the new LED energy-saving lamps. The transformation of the light skills has brought the possibility of power savings. However, the relevant experts have expressed certain concern. Experts on the market this year, dozens of LED energy-saving lamps made a query, the results show that most of the products there are quality problems. He told the media that consumers can not judge the quality of these lamps, the price can not clarify the problem. These quality problems are not caused by the LED skills, but the structural problems.

Experts said that the market for the sale of many LED mining lights using pulse power (commonly known as resistance to the buck power), the cost is relatively low, together with the light bulb is conducive to conditioning, and extend the life of the lamp. However, it is not persistent light, but at very high speed flash (which is what we often said that the strobe phenomenon), our naked eye can not feel, as long as the brain and the retina can be aware of. This can lead to headaches, decreased attention and vision loss. Stroboscopic phenomenon can be used to simply use the current camera camera alignment LED mining lights, if there is strobe phenomenon, the phone's framing screen will show water ripple, if the phone's viewfinder picture to see the water ripple, then this clarifies This section of LED mining lights exist stroboscopic phenomenon.

LED project light is the appearance of people who are now accustomed to the shape of the bulb - spherical, the internal light source is selected LED chip. With all the strengths of LED lamps: 1, energy saving, environmental protection; 2, the use of long life; 3, no flicker, green.

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