Neon and LED lighting comparison

- Mar 29, 2017-

1. the LED light sources do 100,000 hours of life?

By light 7%, only about 50,000 hours. By light 3%, use up to 80,000 hours.

2. the LED will not heat it?

Will need cooling.

3. the LED could replace incandescent bulbs do?

Luminous flux, light effects and color can be, but it's too expensive and not declined in recent years. But you can increase the flux of products so as to reduce the cost of replacing incandescent light bulbs.

4. simple LED for general lighting use?

No, power supply, optical LED lights and heat conduction combined with.

5. two kinds of light source performance advantages and comparison

Advantages of neon has been covered by LED, LED lamp for too high a price.

6. comparison of two kinds of light sources of power

LED low voltage is good, but too much electricity. Large 1-watt LED single lamp input current at 350mA.

7. comparison of two kinds of control technology of the light source

LED is easy to achieve, but neon mature.

8. the stability of two kinds of light sources

Inconsistency LED, neon lights are quite stable. Few manufacturers can be relatively stable, such as combining AOD with a CREE chip, take advantages of each chip.

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