Glass Recessed Panel Light

Glass Recessed Panel Light

Slim, low-profile fixtures are designed to present a smooth, continuous look in drywall and grid ceilings.

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Product Description

The utility model is composed of an LED emitter, a frame, a rear cover plate and an architectural keel, wherein the LED light emitter 1 is a light emitter made of an LED surface light source; the frame 2 has more than one step and flanges. The metal material profiles of the clips, snaps, and card slots; the LED emitter 1 is mounted on the step 22 of the frame 2, and the rear cover 3 is fixed on the flange 23 of the frame 2, and the snaps and slots on the frame 21 Cooperate with the architectural keel structure. This is integrated with building components (headliner, wall, floor, etc.) and uses a concealed light source to make the building and the light source blend into one light without seeing the light. It forms a simple and elegant style, with excellent light environment quality, and The installation method is simple, reliable, practical, the structure is firm and reliable, and the scope of application is wide. Its light is soft, glare-free, ultra-thin, lightweight, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, improving the atmosphere of indoor lighting.


1. The core LED semiconductors can effectively convert high energy and have a longer lifespan. Long-time lighting will not affect light decay.

2. Select high-quality glass, tempered, more powerful, not broken.

3. The use of nano diffusion light guide plate, high light transmittance, yellow soft glare.

4. The use of high-quality aluminum, die-casting integrated molding, after scientific spray paint and high temperature heating, with anti-corrosion, rust effect.

5. Fix the power cord so that it does not oscillate and cause the wire to fall off. This reduces the after-sales service and effectively achieves long-lasting durability.

6. The Vitex heat sink is used, and the high-quality aluminum shell is used. The strong heat dissipation effectively prolongs the service life of the LED.




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