Rechargeable LED Work Light

Rechargeable LED Work Light

Description With up to 5400mAh large capacity battery,this led work light not only for lighting,but also offering a reliable backup power supply to your electronic product. It’s the perfect combination of lighting and power bank.Easy to meeth with both indoor and outdoor lighting requirements.

Product Details


Thickening EVA sweat-absorbent non-slip handle cover, anti-slip pressure relief, thickening in one cast iron wall tube.

Energy-saving and environmental protection high-power chips have higher lumens, brighter light effects, and more stable and energy-saving.

Equipped with a removable base, the connecting rod rotates 360 degrees, the lamp god rotates 270 degrees, and can be illuminated at any position and at any angle.

All-aluminum body, waterproof silicone switch, thick material, thick heat sink.


Rain-proof design, all-weather use; night work lighting, night fishing lighting; camping, field lighting; car overhaul, garage spare and so on. Style as much as possible to buy beautiful new products, at home is also a good decoration. There are many kinds of camping lights, and now they basically use cold-light energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs. The earliest type of batteries used were dry-cell batteries. The disadvantage is that they have to carry more batteries and they have more weight. The commonly used charging lamps are camping lights. They can be used for car charging, power charging, and charging. They can be charged anytime, anywhere and are convenient for energy saving and environmental protection.


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