Chinese Era Of Global LED Industry Is Coming

- Mar 29, 2017-

It is reported that as current market share is about more than 80% of SMD products, prices last year, after continuous costs reduction, after coming to this market explosion in demand also increases, which for the SMD packaging manufacturers, is undoubtedly a development opportunity. Therefore, the expansion also became the primary strategic objective of many packaging companies.

SMD is so bullish, people will naturally think of the decline of CSP, indeed, CSP in backlighting applications is more common nowadays, but Shang could not see the value in the lighting industry. May, night lighting this should thanks lamps factory for cost of constantly compression, in package factory was forced Shang "Liangshan" zhihou, SMD products in so low of price interval within, suddenly and has has way, because to SMD two years Qian of price, CSP may also has replaced of advantage, but to currently so of low of cost control line, has let CSP see not to too big of "live".

Indeed, the SMD market has become flowers in the "little red", as markets have been expanding, many packaging companies have begun racing to expand capacity, will also become the focus of warlords are competing in the late. However, even under good conditions on the market, manufacturers still needs rational layout.

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