Higher Power, Longer Life LED Panel

- Oct 19, 2017-

Higher power, longer life  LED panel


Companies enhance product performance further to take advantage of widening use in lighting and displays.

China makers of LED panels are boosting the release of models with greater power and life span, leveraging the technology’s increasing penetration of various display

To achieve elevated power, manufacturers increase the number of LEDs used while improving circuit layouts. They adopt imported chips, mostly from Seoul Semiconductor, Cree and Osram.

Under efforts to extend product life span, suppliers concentrate on improving heat dissipation features. They develop thermal designs or turn to key players, including Cree. For LED drivers, makers source from local and overseas providers, mainly Shenzhen Ledfriend and Osram. The objective is 100,000hr operation. Companies such as Xuhuilighting have achieved 50,000hr. The common range is 25,000 to 30,000hr.

In addition to panel performance upgrades, makers’ efforts include strengthening their SMD selections. The type represents more than 60 percent of output, which is projected to rise by 5 to 10 percent in the months ahead. The share of DIP units is expected to decline steadily in coming years.

Suppliers are also bolstering the release of full-color LED panels, with turnout to increase by at least 5 percent in the next months. Units integrating white light sources currently dominate with a more than 80 percent share.

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For enhanced competitiveness overseas, enterprises continue to highlight compliance with the “green” trend, ensuring materials and components used are according to RoHS and REACH guidelines.

Widening adoption of Led surface panel light technology spurs companies to pursue the line. The application market is expected to hit $12.4 billion by year-end, climbing 12 percent YoY, according to LEDinside. It comprises mainly lighting, backlighting and displays.

China manufacturers look to benefit from Europe’s expanding LED illumination sector, which will be a $1.9 billion opportunity in 2015 or four times higher than in 2016. They are also eyeing SouthKorea and Japan.

For the backlighting category, businesses anticipate greater requirement for LCD TVs and popular mobile devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones based on shipments. LED-backlit units will account for 90 percent of global LCD TV output, surging from 73 percent in 2012, thanks to the drop in diode costs.

Increasing use of LED displays in airports, malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, advertising, and other indoor and outdoor setups is another factor driving demand for panels. Worldwide, this application segment is projected to hit $13.8 billion this year, jumping 23 percent from 2016.

More suppliers are also tapping the automotive electronics industry. Xiamen Werun provides LED panels for car infotainment devices and dashboards. Sunhope plans to turn out products for car DVD players and GPS navigation devices. At present, about 10 to 20 percent of makers cater to this market.

Based on these developments, companies are counting on a 10 to 20 percent rise in export shipments in 1H13. The major destinations are the US, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.

More than 2,000 LED panel suppliers in China. Ninety percent are local small and midsize businesses offering related lines such as bulbs, tubes, strips, and outdoor and indoor video displays.

Seventy percent of the makers congregate in Guangdong province. Key local players Shenzhen Refond, Guangzhou Honglitronic and Foshan Nationstar are among them.

 Zhongshan,Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan and Jiangmen are the main hubs. The first city generates 50 percent of Guangdong’s aggregate yield and 35 percent of the country’s total.

The Other are in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Anhui.

China is a major production base for LED panels, generating 30 percent of global output.


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