Landscape Lighting Market Entered A Period Of Eruption

- Mar 29, 2017-

Since the beginning of this year, from the lips of many lighting engineering company was informed that the market came to a rapid outbreak of the landscape. Many analysts also point out that this perhaps due to State "along the way", "build a new beautiful countryside", "PPP mode" numerous benefits policy, and huge market potential.

Indeed, judging from the domestic infrastructure in the major cities, Chongqing, Changsha, bijie for example, after the Spring Festival, is ushering in a wide range expansion period, which covers the entire model of cooperation between cities, the size of the market is enormous.

It is reported that the urban lighting project using the term for the 3-5, over the years, it must be replaced, while major cities just a few years ago lighting project is at the basis of the construction of a replacement cycle, at the same time, nowadays there are more cities and start thinking from an overall perspective to planning various lighting projects. Thus, this market segment this year usher in a full outbreak.

Contrast is currently LED lights the Red Sea struggling industry chain enterprises, landscape is a stunning margin for the market. Landscape contractors--master sink you just listed, for example, nearly three years gross margins are close to 50%, 2012-2014, the company consolidated gross margin and the 51.29% and the 49.51%, its average annual net interest rate is more than the 20%, the net rate for 2013 and 2014, 22.3% and 20.3%.

Well, recently in the Chinese mainland market LED manufacturers project f-there are quite a few lighting Daxia (semiconductor lighting system of the Grand Canyon, 5281.TT) in Taiwan over the counter trading city, outdoor landscape lighting, its optimistic about China's potential market opportunities.

Judging from the statistics, in 2015, China LED landscape lighting market revenue reached 47.8 billion yuan in 2016, landscape lighting production value is expected to reach 50 billion yuan.

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