LED Display Angle Is Big

- Aug 10, 2017-

LED display display, can play rich and varied content, can play text, picture and animation, can be used for enterprise product marketing Outdoor advertising platform, the replacement of marketing information content will not increase the extra cost, compared to the Neon tower more flexible marketing, LED Panel so that advertisers in the selection of outdoor advertising resources and the performance of advertising content has a greater space.

LED display mainly has the following characteristics:

1, High brightness: Outdoor LED display brightness is greater than 8000mcd/m2, LED Panel is currently the only outdoor all-weather use of large display terminals; LED display brightness is greater than 2000md/m2.

2, Long life: Led life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours (10 years) above, this parameter generally refers to the design life, brightness of the Dark is also counted;

3. Big view: Indoor view can be greater than 160 degrees, LED Panel outdoor angle can be greater than 120 degrees. The size of the angle depends on the shape of the LED light-emitting diode.

4, screen area can be small, small to less than a square meter, LED Panel large can reach hundreds of, thousands of square meters;

5, easy and computer interface, support software rich.

The advantages and characteristics of LED display

LED is a solid-state light-emitting devices, with the following advantages:

Long service life (greater than 100,000 hours), photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, save electricity.

Dynamic response speed (NS level), LED Panel can achieve video level display refresh speed, full screen refresh Speed 72 frames/sec.

Low drive voltage (dc+5v), can be directly with the microcomputer chip interface, no special design interface circuit;

LED Panel Program control performance is good, easy to realize the network operation;

Can realize the computer SVGA mode (256 level gray, $number resolution), greatly facilitates the programming, in essence it belongs to a computer's secondary display.

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