LED Display Can Be Used To Publish Advertising Content

- Oct 19, 2017-

With the improvement of the LED display in technology and performance, the advantages of the display effect are fully displayed, and the display information is changed at any time using the LED Display control card, which makes the equipment flexible and versatile. LED display has been in the large-scale exhibition, stage background, LED Panel and high-end display and other fields to expose the Tau Kok, and has a more and more widely used direction.

LED display is a computer display, through the data cable connection or wireless communication and computer connection, as long as the simple setting in the computer, can be used to publish advertising content, both convenient and fast.

LED display usually set up a large number of public places, traffic arteries, intuitive, image, vivid advertising form to attract viewers active attention, a wider range, LED Panel than the traditional media more mandatory ornamental. In addition to outdoor advertising, you can publish information.

LED display energy-saving environmental protection, all-weather work, fully adapt to outdoor all kinds of harsh environment, with anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection, LED Panel seismic overall performance, high cost-effective, display performance and other characteristics.

Display performance of the corresponding increase in the LED Display control card, especially the wireless control card more and more demanding! Many large-scale projects, the need to update the content of multiple LED display, the location of the display installation may be far apart, LED Panel depending on the manpower is obviously difficult to complete, and the use of wireless control card can be easily done.

The future outdoor advertising field, LED display will continue to play its own characteristics and advantages, in the traffic junction, bustling Commercial Street, display can be uninterrupted broadcast commercial advertising and part of the public service ads. And the diversification of the form of advertising, LED Panel is the new century advertising can play the effect of the necessary conditions, LED display has become the preferred channel for advertising media, mainly has the following three characteristics.

1, display information update speed

Using the LED Display control card software can update the display information at any time, for equipment installation location inconvenience can also use GPRS wireless control card, to the table display information a key with new, fast and efficient.

2. The system is easy to operate and convenient

LED display control card through the serial port or wireless connected to the computer, through the special software edit send information. Or the use of SMS Wireless control card, LED Panel by sending a mobile phone message release display information, no software, anytime, anywhere to publish display information.

3. Various forms of advertisement

LED display is usually installed in people's traffic more public places, traffic arteries, can display text, pictures and video, to intuitive, image, vivid display form to attract attention, LED Panel than traditional media more mandatory and worth.

With the development of display technology in the future, the popularization of 3G and 4G technology, LED display outdoor advertising will bring us more wonderful.

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