LED Display Has Great Advertising Value

- Sep 13, 2017-

LED display, in the enterprise publicity has a great help, can directly promote the product information, attract target customers, so what is the function of LED display, why so popular. Today's little series to give you a detailed explanation, below we will look together!


1, area ductility, LCD area is difficult to achieve seamless splicing, LED display can be arbitrarily extended, and seamless splicing.

2, LCD plasma screen luminous flux attenuation quickly, generally run 1.5 or so, you need to replace, but LED display under the same operating conditions at least five five no problem.

3, LED Brush screen machine can use interactive technology, LED Panel enhance the brush-screen machine as advertising media and the interaction between the audience, such as custom touch screen, the realization of cloud technology broadcast control management.

4, in the display effect aspect, the LED display high brightness, the broader viewing angle and the good color restore ability also surpasses the LCD screen. LED Brush-screen machine is commonly used in airports, shopping malls, hotels, high-speed railways, subways, cinemas, exhibitions, office buildings, and so on, LED Panel the target customers with strong consumer capacity, with huge advertising value.

What are the use features of LED display

1, Information release function:

(1) can display a variety of computer information, graphics, drawings and two or three-dimensional animation, etc., with a wealth of playback, display scrolling information, notices, slogans, etc., LED Panel storage data information capacity;

(2) There are a variety of Chinese fonts and typefaces to choose from, but also can be entered in English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese and many other foreign languages;

(3) The broadcast system has multimedia software, which can input and broadcast a variety of information flexibly, can play text information, play form can roll point, roll Line, Introduction mode, can move up, left shift, message can be circulated broadcast. Font, LED Panel font size can be arbitrarily selected, can set playback speed, LED Panel and many other messages can be broadcast at the same time, or with animation, images broadcast simultaneously.

(4) may carry on the date, the time display or the string, the expression display;

(5) Declaration on national Policies, LED Panel regulations and service commitments;

(6) The broadcast of weather forecast;

(7) Release of other public information;

2, video broadcast function:

(1) Play the camera, clear, flicker-free real-display video images, LED Panel to achieve a variety of programs live broadcast;

(2) To play video recorders, DVD players (VCD, DVDs, LD), etc., to meet the basic needs of sports activities;

(3) can play AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB and other formats of documents;

(4) Brightness, contrast, saturation, chroma can be adjusted by software, LED Panel the adjustment range is 256 levels;

(5) with overlapping (vga+vide), image (video), VGA three kinds of display mode;

(6) With video image compression control function

(7) with display synchronization function

(8) using the Line-double function to transform the interlaced picture into a non interlaced picture, and make the mobile compensation;

(9) There is a way to provide audio signal to the power amplifier use, LED Panel leaving at least 2 video camera input interface;

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