LED Display Rugged

- Oct 10, 2017-

Living in the big city residents should know, whether in the square, shopping malls, streets, or in the community, LED display of the figure is everywhere. LED display has been widely used in China's major cities, not only enrich the popular culture, but also an important symbol of urbanization development

LED display strengths and functions to do an inventory:

LED Display Advantages:

1. Security

LED display selection is Low-voltage DC supply voltage, LED Panel and therefore very safe to use.

2. Long stature

LED screen planning is more than 100,000 hours, even if every day 24 hours of continuous operation, the age of the save is more than 6 years.

3. Rugged

LED lamp bead is completely encapsulated in the epoxy resin inside, LED Panel the lamp body also did not loosen some, these characteristics make the LED can say is not easy to damage.

4. Energy Saving and environmental protection

LED display single LED power is very low, usually 0.04~0.08W, the power is several times lower, and the effect is much better. LED Panel And because the composition of materials selected environmental protection materials, will not pollute the environment and damage.

5. Pure Color

LED screen selection of high brightness patches, and thus has the advantages of LED light-emitting elements, light color pure, soft, no glare. It can be used as decoration, LED Panel and can also do illumination.

6. High brightness

The brightness of the LED display in the field is greater than that of the 8000mcd/m2; the indoor LED display is greater than 2000md/m2.

7. Simple Device

With a fixed clamp, wire groove, iron wire, iron net, etc. can be installed on a variety of support surface, such as column type, hanging type and so on. Other, because the LED display light, thin, therefore, the choice of double-sided adhesive can also complete the fixed function. LED Panel No professional can be installed, can really enjoy DIY decorative fun.

8. Screen size Sensitive

Small to less than a square meter, large can reach hundreds of, thousands of square meters;

LED Display Advantages:

1. Advertising, the use of LED display system to image, video, text and other advertising forms to broadcast ads, the field LED screen can be used as commercial advertising, attract customers, LED Panel progressive enterprise exposure visibility.

2. Television and live broadcast as a city image construction, as a window unit for government operations, can provide a wide range of people with real-time social news, using live modules, can broadcast television news, live video and so on.

3. To be able to store as a storefront perhaps the decoration and beautification, LED Panel progressive shop image and enterprise grade.

4. The atmosphere through the display screen can play superior leadership and a variety of VIP visitors to watch, counseling, a variety of serious festivals, such as the celebration of words.

Therefore, the LED display can not only set information release, literary and artistic entertainment, the promotion of functions in one, and as a new High-tech products, LED Panel with its rich scientific and technological content, surging appearance, smooth display screen, exquisite color embodiment, can add a new life for the environment, set up an activity of the scenery line.

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