Led Display To The Audience To Bring Visual Feast

- Jun 22, 2017-

LED display of the main functional analysis:

1. Introduce the player information, the actual situation of the game. Large, clear game live screen, long distance watching the game easier.

2. Connect the referee system, chronograph system, LED screen can play the game time and score in real time.

3. slow motion playback has become the basis for the referee to make the right decision to maintain the fairness of the game, to reduce unnecessary conflicts.

4. wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, close-up, LED Panel to the audience to bring the perfect visual feast.

5. Perfect picture quality and sound effects, so that the scene more game atmosphere and shocking.

LED display of the technical requirements:

1. Live video images, and has a panoramic, close-up, slow motion, flashing action, drag the image, nostalgic movies and other special effects.

2. A variety of input mode compatibility of the technical requirements: the stadium display can not only by the camera real color real-time live broadcast, but also broadcast television and satellite TV programs, play VCD, DVD, LD and a variety of homemade video signal program, support PAL , NTSC and other formats, the display can also be a variety of graphic information on the computer, LED Panel from the gym internal information network or public information network of various information; with superimposed on the TV screen text information can also be outside the video image Superimposed text, pictures, animation and other functions; in theatrical performances, large-scale rally when playing background images.

3. A variety of graphic information broadcast and a variety of broadcast methods of technical requirements: one can be used for video images live broadcast, can be press releases, LED Panel important notice, slogan display, display can display text, graphics, patterns , Animation, etc .; with the same time to play around the different proportions of the screen and text function. On the other hand to have a pan, roll, rotate, change, pull the screen, single / multi-line translation, single / multi-line up / down, left / right pull, up / down, flip, move, Zoom, flicker, window and other functions, in order to hold large-scale international sporting events and activities, the display language to the language to be compatible, such as Chinese, English, digital and various text, and a variety of font font selection, Text can be zoomed indefinitely.

4. The requirements of the display control technology: the stadium display is a large-scale facilities to serve the competitive project, LED Panel in its control technology to integrate the industry's advanced technology, such as static latching technology, white balance technology, nonlinear correction technology, High gray technology, color uniformity technology, video processing technology, fast motion image compensation technology, full brake control technology.

5. Design and installation of the quality assurance commissioning: Coliseum LED display is generally used for sports competitions, large-scale activities. Any point of failure and failure will cause a great impact, so the stability of the project quality is the objective requirements of the user. In order to meet the requirements, to ensure that the display is stable and reliable operation, so foolproof, LED Panel it must be in the design, production, installation, commissioning, delivery and use of quality as the guide, with an effective quality assurance system to ensure the entire production process.

LED display solution:

1. LED display: mainly installed in the football field around. Used to advertise around the football field, through the system software control, you can achieve the advertising cycle, rich in content, good performance.

2. Funnel-shaped sports LED display: mainly used in indoor sports venues over the use of suspended installation, to introduce athletes, scores, LED Panel events and other events broadcast live. More common in basketball venues and multi-purpose gymnasium.

3. Stadium wall LED display: mainly installed in the stadium on one end of the wall, used to synchronize live racing events and synchronized display event real-time information. Generally large display.

4. Outdoor column sports LED display: This type of display on the higher quality requirements, need to have a wind and dust, temperature adaptability, to adapt to the performance of various types of weather. Generally installed in the open-air stadium on the large column.

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