Led Display With Display Synchronization Function

- Jul 06, 2017-

LED display which specific use of the function

1, the information release function:

(1) can display a variety of computer information, graphics, pictures and two, three-dimensional animation, with a rich way to play, display rolling information, notification, slogans, etc., storage data information capacity;

(2) a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from, LED Panel you can also enter the English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese and many other foreign languages;

(3) broadcast system with multimedia software, can be flexible input and broadcast a variety of information; can play text information, play the form can be rolling, rolling, the introduction of lead-out mode, can move up, left, the message can be broadcast The Font, font size can be arbitrarily selected, LED Panel you can set the playback speed, while multiple messages can be broadcast at the same time, or with the animation, the image at the same time broadcast.

(4) can be date, time display or string, expression display;

(5) declarations for national policies, regulations and pledges;

(6) weather forecasting;

(7) the release of other public information;

2, video broadcast function:

(1) play the camera, clear, flicker-free real display video images, LED Panel to achieve a variety of programs live;

(2) Play video recorders, DVD players (VCD, DVD, LD) and other video programs to meet the basic needs of cultural and sports activities;

(3) can play AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB and other formats of the file;

(4) brightness, contrast, saturation, color can be adjusted by software, adjust the range of 256;

(5) with overlapping (VGA + VIDE), video (Video), VGA three display modes;

(6) with Video image compression control function

(7) has the display synchronization function

(8) using Line-Double function will be staggered screen is converted to non-interlaced screen, mobile compensation;

(9) there is a way to provide the audio signal to the amplifier, leaving at least 2 way camera video input interface;

LED display classification

1, according to the use of environmental classification. Led display according to the use of the environment can be divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. Indoor LED display area is generally less than 1 square meter to ten square meters, indoor LED display in the indoor environment; LED Panel outdoor led display area is generally from a few square meters to dozens or even hundreds of square meters, can be in direct sunlight conditions Use; semi-outdoor screen between the outdoor and indoor between the two, with a high luminous brightness, LED Panel can be used in non-sun direct outdoor use, the screen body has a certain seal, usually under the eaves or window.

2, by color classification. Led display by color can be divided into monochrome, double color, three primary colors (full color). Monochrome refers to the display only one color of the luminescent material, mostly single red, in some special occasions can also be used yellow-green; dual-color LED display by the red and green LED lights, 256 gray-scale dual-color display Screen can display 65,536 colors (two-color screen can display red, green, yellow 3 colors); full-color LED display by the red, green and blue LED lights, white balance and 16,777,216 colors.

3, according to the control or use of classification. Can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous means that the LED display works basically the same as the computer monitor, it is at least 30 field / second update rate corresponding to the real map on the map when the computer mapping, usually with a multi-grayscale color display Capabilities, LED Panel can achieve the effect of multimedia advertising; asynchronous way refers to the LED screen with the ability to store and play automatically in the PC editing text and no gray image through the serial port or other network interface into the LED screen, and then by the LED Screen offline automatic playback, generally no more grayscale display capabilities, mainly for the display of text messages, you can multi-screen networking.

4, by pixel density or pixel diameter division. As the indoor screen using LED dot matrix module specifications are more unified so usually in accordance with the module pixel diameter is divided: ∮ 3.0mm 62500 pixels / square meter ∮ 3.75mm 44321 pixels / square meter ∮ 5.0mm 17222 pixels / square meter.

5, according to the display performance can be divided into. Video display: generally full-color display; text display: generally single-color display; graphic display: the general dual-color display; Quotes display: generally digital or single color display.

6, according to the display device can be divided into. LED digital display: display device for the 7-segment digital tube, suitable for making the clock screen, interest rate screen, LED Panel display digital electronic display; LED dot matrix graphic display: display device LED video display: display device is composed of many light-emitting diodes, can display video, animation and other video files; conventional type of light-emitting diodes, a variety of light-emitting diodes, LED display: the use of steel structure will be fixed in a fixed position. Mainly in the outdoor large-scale single-column LED advertising screen, and the station installed on the wall used to play trips information single, two-color LED display, etc .; rental LED display: in the design, R & D department to take into account the screen Often used for installation and removal, so the right and left box with a positioning function of the quick lock connection, positioning accuracy, the entire box installed within 10 seconds to complete. Leasing screen is mainly used for stage performances, wedding venues and large Spring Festival Evening.

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