LED Flood Work Light Lighting Market Analysis Significantly Grow Fastly

- Nov 12, 2017-

LED Flood Work Light lighting market analysis significantly grow fastly

  As engineering work continues to grow, LED Flood Work Light, the next generation of lighting technology, has become the focus of today's global LED work light. With the LED luminous efficiency and life expectancy increase, coupled with the power saving, Emergency LED flood light, energy saving and environmental advantages have become increasingly significant, LED replacement tide curtain open.

LED project light European and American markets


  From 2014 onwards, Europe and the United States began phasing out the largest 40-60W incandescent bulbs in the civilian market, providing a favorable opportunity for the popularization of LED lighting products. This will also stimulate the global LED wall washer lighting manufacturers to accelerate the pace of layout of LED lighting to further promote global LED lighting penetration. The United States government for LED lighting support efforts are gradually increased, Energy Star and other lighting subsidies increased rapidly, prompting further reduce the price of LED lamps. CREE and other manufacturers have optimistic about the future led reflector lighting market development and expected replacement lamp sales growth will become the focus of the next business growth. In the relatively mature European market, although there is no large-scale subsidy policy, the high electricity price and the difference between light and culture make the continuous demand for commercial lighting and ambient lighting applications in outdoor buildings. In the next few years, with the ban on incandescent light bulbs affecting the fermentation policy, the market is expected to continue to show steady growth.

According to statistics, LED flood light (LED COB flood light or LED SMD flood light) the next 1-3 years Emergency LED flood light lighting will be completed from 15% -60% penetration, a large number of LED lighting market demand will be released. Strongly support the policy will directly promote the rapid growth of LED lighting market.

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