LED Floodlight Waterproof And Dustproof

- Aug 10, 2017-

LED Floodlight Application Range: Applicable to the railway, power, metallurgy, petrochemical and all types of plant, workshop, site and large facilities, venues and other places for floodlight lighting.

LED Floodlight Performance Characteristics:

Patented design of the hexagonal 45-degree angle unique light, light-shaped spot uniform without glare, large exposure angle, light distribution uniform and soft; the use of the international top brand original LED light source, low energy consumption, light efficiency, LED Flood Light power consumption is only the same luminous flux incandescent lamp 20%. Fully embodies the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, multiple protection function of the power design, effectively improve the LED luminous efficiency.

The shell uses the aluminum alloy material and the newest surface treatment technology, the abrasion resistance is rotten, the waterproof dustproof, LED Flood Light the lamp inside and outside has the air diversion structure the cooling shroud causes the LED full heat dissipation, lengthens the light source service life.

Multi-channel shockproof structure and integrated design ensure its long-term safety in high frequency and multi-frequency vibration environment.

Light source components, light distribution components, high-quality power supply and so on are used in modular design and assembly, can be easily replaced, LED Flood Light reduce the maintenance cost of the latter; transparent glass with high boron silicon pressure to be tempered by tempering, can effectively resist the 4J impact force.

One-piece lighting structure, small size, light weight, direct introduction of cable, installation wiring simple and convenient, the use of ceiling type, wall-mounted, guardrail type, LED Flood Light such as a variety of installation methods.

LED Floodlight Although easy to install, but some of the installation skills and need to pay attention to, this is the advantages of LED floodlight to complement. Buy lamps equipped with fixed screws, installation is also relatively simple, in detail: the need to use the material: LED guardrail lamp clip, LED Flood Light with waterproof function of the transformer, the control device, the steps are as follows:

1, the installation of guardrail, punching holes in the wall, arduous according to the actual requirements, generally within 3 centimeters,

2, do a good anti-static measures, such as the workbench to grounding, workers wear the corresponding electrostatic clothing, anti-static measures, because the different grades of LED floodlight quality is different, anti-static strength is different.

3, installation attention to sealing, poor sealing, the diameter of the LED floodlight lamp life

4, LED floodlight light wiring preferably no more than 25 cm, LED Flood Light transformer power can be correspondingly longer, otherwise affect brightness

Attention to installation of LED Floodlight light

1, as far as possible use the series led form, because the LED omni-Light voltage difference is special. The peak current of the ordinary LED is maintained at 80 ma, the reverse voltage is up and down in 6V, in the LED application should pay attention to design circuit peak voltage and current at this limit

2, the use of 25 watts welding voltage, electric iron only control hey 300 degrees Celsius under the high temperature of the bare SMD LED, do not squeeze its epoxy parts, LED Flood Light or with a sharp hard object to wipe, because LED lamps are very fragile, very easy to damage, welding time 3 seconds.

LED floodlight is widely used, so the installation of tips and precautions is very important, LED is a new light source, in the correct installation mode, to ensure that led floodlight stable long-term normal work

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