LED Lighting How To Open Up The Next Golden Decade?

- Mar 29, 2017-

First of all, it should be noted that, regardless of whether they can receive "golden decade" for LED technology still has total confidence in the future. This confidence is greater in one direction is the enormous potential from the home automation industry. As we all know, Google $3.2 billion last year to buy next company, intelligent hardware and smart home market was officially opened, to declare the era of smart-profile to come. Smart home is an important application of intelligent lighting, and many experts say Smart lighting based on LED technology is likely to be set off in the future smart home market the real entrance.

Dongfeng glory LED how to take smart homes?

When it comes to smart homes, in fact, bullish on its enormous potential at the same time, and still stay calm thought. Current intelligent household industry still has a lot of problems, such as "pseudo intellectual", such as "hard landing" and so on.

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