LED Lighting Three Differences Between New And Old National Standard Analysis

- Mar 29, 2017-

Compared to what is the difference between the new and old standards?

New standards and old standards, mainly in the following three technical differences:

1, increase the maximum installation height of marking requirements

Manufacturers should indicate in the lighting instructions installed products are of the highest level. When the marked height greater than 5 m, and the glass cover of the lamp (if any) should meet the security requirements of paragraph 6.5 of standard.

2, modify the glass security testing requirements

Old standard only specifies the test method of flat glass, and the new standards forming glass is also included in the scope of examination, which implies the use of curved glass Lampshade lamp glass you need to meet the safety requirements.

New standards and old standards, added an optional way of conformity assessment, which requires the glass meets the following two conditions: (1) use the pendulum or vertical drop weight placed on the glass after 5 joules of impact energy, glass cannot be broken. (2) using a pounding head a glass smashed, at 50mm square on a side glass fragments in the area should be greater than 20.

In addition, of old and new standards on standards conformity assessment have also been modified. Older standards conformity assessment methods are: using impact glass break and then, on the side of 50mm square glass fragments in the area should be greater than 60. While a new standard requires only that a number of pieces of glass larger than 40.

Note to reader the requirements called for in the second paragraph of the difference. Glass can be directly liable for the number of fragments is greater than 40 qualified, while the number of fragments is greater than 20 but also meet the requirements of glass breaking after 5 joules impact energy.

3, the glass should be used in a thermal limit

Glass should be used in the thermal limits for glass manufacturers. Thermal limits should include the minimum and maximum temperature of the glass allows, as well as the maximum Delta t value.

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