LED Panel Lamp Efficient And Energy-free Pollution

- Aug 10, 2017-

LED panel lamp using a luminous uniform reflective panel and sealed design, with efficient light guide plate, and aluminum alloy materials. The luminous effect is even, the illumination is higher.

LED panel light type thin, LED Surface Panel Light heat dissipation function is complete, low power, less heat.

LED panel light can be adjusted according to different needs and changes in the environment light color, not only without radiation and dazzle the production, and can protect eyesight, light color more moderate.

In LED panel lamp, LED light source is a kind of high hardness resin luminous body rather than tungsten wire glass and so on, it is not easy to damage, LED Surface Panel Light so its anti-vibration force is relatively high, the environment temperature adaptability is strong.

LED panel lamp can be controlled by the external controller for various dynamic programs, LED Surface Panel Light which can regulate the color temperature and adjust the shading degree.

LED panel lighting Technology is also a green lighting technology, the product does not contain mercury, waste less, the manufacturing process is almost non-existent pollution; Semiconductor lighting has the characteristics of recyclable and recyclable, LED Surface Panel Light which plays an important role in the sustainable development of Economic society.

The structure of LED panel lamp is composed of backlight module, light source, drive, outer frame structure and diffusion plate. The light source is illuminated from either side or four sides of the light guide material, light after the interference pattern processing of the Light guide plate let the direction of the lights to change, the light is most of the interference in the direction of the diffusion plate, LED Surface Panel Light a small amount of reflection to reflect the material and then the second reflection, is light as far as possible to achieve the purpose of illumination.

Characteristics of LED panel lamps

Energy-saving: high efficiency and energy-free pollution, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, more than 70% of the traditional light source energy saving;

Environmental protection: There is no ultraviolet and infra-red in the spectrum, that is, no heat, no radiation, can be safely touched, belonging to the typical green light source;

Long life: The current LED light source life has reached more than 100,000 hours, LED Surface Panel Light with the continuous development of LED technology and application of a large number of popularization, in the driving and thermal aspects of the basic to achieve a more ideal state.

LED panel lights are a high-grade indoor lighting, the outer frame from the anodized aluminum alloy, LED Surface Panel Light improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy table hardness and wear resistance and good decorative properties.

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