LED Panel Light Cost-effective

- Sep 01, 2017-

LED panel lights for hotels, conference rooms, offices, commercial uses, homes, schools, hospitals and other needs of energy-saving and the need for high color rendering index lighting places.

LED panel Light Product characteristics

Save 50% Energy, high brightness, light uniformity

5-year Use term

Start fast, no flicker, no noise.

Latest high efficiency constant current drive

Professional circuit design, each group of lamps work independently, LED Surface Panel Light can avoid single bad lights affect the overall light effect

Anti-wave interference, meet CE requirements

from radio interference.

2. LED Panel Light Application range

LED panel lights for hotels, conference rooms, offices, commercial uses, homes, schools, hospitals and other needs of energy-saving and the need for high color rendering index lighting places.

Precautions for safe use of LED panel lamps

A before use, you need to confirm that the product is damaged in transit, LED Surface Panel Light if there is damage can not be installed to use

b Do not try to repair their own, only by professional engineers to repair

C Packaging materials to stay away from children, to prevent children from playing the cause of suffocation

D prevent small parts from being swallowed by children

E keep children away from products, LED Surface Panel Light let alone contact with live devices

F Avoid long time look directly at the LED's light-emitting surface, LED Surface Panel Light do not use the reflected led light to illuminate others ' eyes

g do not cover any items in the work product

H products to stay away from open flames or High-temperature objects

Main structure of LED panel lamp

1. LED panel lamp light source is usually led lamp bead use 3528, also some people use 3014 and 5050. 3014 and 5050 low cost, light efficiency slightly worse, LED Surface Panel Light the key is its guiding light network planning difficult. 3528 Optical effect High dot versatility is good.

2. LED panel lamp Drive power supply currently has 2 kinds:

One is the use of constant current power supply, this form of high power, pf value of up to 0.95, high cost-effective;

The second is the use of constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable function, but low power, high cost, usually the use of this power supply is the first export, LED Surface Panel Light the other needs to have certification needs, the use of safety regulations of the power supply. In fact, the household use of constant current power supply is very safe, because users are difficult to contact the power supply, and LED panel lamp light body itself is the use of safe low-voltage electricity.

3. LED Panel light reflective paper will reflect the negative light of the guide plate to improve light efficiency, usually RW250.

4. LED panel lamp aluminum frame is the main channel of LED cooling, LED Surface Panel Light the appearance is simple and generous, can use ZY0907, choose die stamping mold Cost is low, processing cost is also low; the aluminum structure of the die-casting can be high in IP level, the appearance of good texture, all beautiful, but the upfront cost of the

5. LED Light Guide plate will be led by the side of the screen refraction to make the light from the front evenly exported, guide plate is LED panel lamp quality Control key point. LED Surface Panel Light Dot planning is not good, see all the light effect is very poor, usually appear in the center of the two dark, perhaps the light is reflected into the bright band, perhaps visible part of the dark area, or not the same point of view brightness inconsistency. To improve the light efficiency of the guide plate depends on the planning of the main points, followed by the quality of the plate, but the material for LED panel lamp is not necessary a superstition of the first-line brand plate, the transmittance between the qualified plate is usually similar. LED Surface Panel Light The usual small LED lamp factory is directly buy common use of the guide plate, do not need to start proofing planning, more manufacturers use the public version of the quality is usually qualified.

6. The device hangs the steel wire, the installment bracket and so on for the installment fixed fitting.

7. LED panel light dispersion plate will guide the light evenly exported, but also can play a vague dot effect. Disperse board usually uses the Acrylic 2.0 sheet or PC material, almost is the PS material, LED Surface Panel Light the cost of acrylic is lower and the light transmittance is slightly higher than the PC, the acrylic brittle anti-aging function is weak, the price of the PC is slightly valuable, but the anti-aging function is strong. Dispersible board in the future can not see the dot, and light transmittance to be around 90%. Acrylic transmittance in 92%, PC for 88%, PS about 80%, we can be based on the need for the selection of decentralized board data, LED Surface Panel Light the current majority of manufacturers in the manufacture of LED panel lamp is the use of acrylic materials.

8. The main effect of the rear cover plate is to seal the LED panel lamp, usually with 1060 aluminum, but also to the panel lamp to play a little heat dissipation effect.

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