LED Power Supply Industry Situation And Development Trend

- Mar 29, 2017-

With the development of LED lighting, LED power supply market is also rapidly expanding. On one hand, traditional power companies have been offering LED power products, on the other hand, many start-up companies have been established. Power technology is not yet mature, the relevant standard does not come, market turmoil have arisen. Experts believe, will ultimately end up in a handful of Giants led the market situation, marketing strategies and product quality is the key to the outcome of.

2014 LED industries have been mixed, and rapid expansion of the market, but not all of the participants made money. Do most streetlights did not make money, LED tunnel light made some living expenses. Commercial enterprise in the foreign trade of ability to make money, chip companies are making money, many domestic chip companies have been in a State of loss before 2014 has turned up. Packaging companies make money because all of 2010 LED modules are "no worries about marry.

Worth noting is that most of the LED power companies are making money, but it does not appear like the LED chip is out of stock because of the LED power belong to traditional electronics industry in technology, China's electronics industry has strong manufacturing capability. But how long did not rise, the price war has begun, in particular the areas of low power supply. It is understood that the small power LED power supply has been very transparent, for example, LED fluorescent lamp power price is generally about 65.

However, high power LED power still in the profit heights, one reason for this is the relatively high technical threshold, large capital investment. And yet another is a high power LED power supply is mainly used in street lighting, tunnel lights, these lamps are mainly used for current Government demonstration project. Lamp manufacturers to demonstrate good results using the best parts (at least in the sample on the lamp), causing manufacturers to put forward higher requirements of power plant, also drove up profits.

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