Nightscape Lighting Project Of The City That Never Sleeps Myth

- Mar 29, 2017-

Now, in the city, looked up and saw fewer opportunities to bright stars, and is brightly lit, colorful modern architectural lighting. Light pollution caused by excessive lighting and water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, concerned by the public.

Long-term concern of urban architectural lighting CPPCC, President of the Liaoning Provincial diabetes treatment Center said Feng Shiliang, a stream of light wave is sweeping across the country in recent years. Not only the streets, parks, squares, bridges, River, trees, lawns, residential buildings, and even ancient buildings are also equipped with floodlights. Improper lighting has become a source of pollution of the city, is the nature of human, animal and plant growth. Long night-time lighting, light disrupt the circadian clock, while some plants wither and die, species disappear. Color light dazzling, disturbance of the brain central nervous system, makes one dizzy, damage, physiological functions, which can also cause insomnia, even affecting the physical and mental health.

All living things, including human beings is in the night live in nature, night-time lighting is actually contrary to the laws of nature for a long time.

"Many Chinese cities, the night is too bright, the brightness has far exceeded international standards. When the developed countries in the fight against light pollution and when China is repeating their mistakes of decades ago. "Research Institute of China construction xiaohuiqian, a famous lighting said.

Legal experts told Xinhua that in recent years, complaints of light pollution is increasing across the country. Just because of the lack of related laws and regulations, types of light pollution, pollution standards and punishment standards are difficult to define. Many experts are calling for, the city needs to establish architectural lighting control light pollution standards and measures, and to be effectively implemented.

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