Present Situation Of Urban Road Lighting

- Mar 29, 2017-

Since the 2l century, China's economy entered a period of rapid development. Construction of urbanization by leaps and bounds, road renovation project for the new construction, substantial increase in, as the lighting of urban road project for the construction of a road and larger scale. According to the statistics: the end of 2010, national road lighting 657 cities about 17.74 million, "Eleven-Five" net increase of road lighting 5.67 million during the period.

Street lighting as part of the urban infrastructure, in urban traffic safety, public order, people's lives and the city character plays a pivotal role, marking the city's strength and the degree of maturity, becoming an important part of the urban landscape. Shines on the road to improve the image and improving the urban environment at the same time, inevitably leads to the huge consumption of energy, in particular design configuration is not reasonable and unscientific lighting project, is a waste of energy as well as light pollution, affecting the living and ecological environment of harmony and balance, adding electric tension. According to statistics, the city street lighting lighting power consumption in China is about 30%. With the rapid development of urban construction, street lighting power consumption has been climbing fast, but electrical energy utilization rate of less than 65%, serious waste of energy.

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