Sitting On The Market! LED Intelligent Lighting Development Is Irresistible

- Oct 26, 2017-

Sitting on the market! LED intelligent lighting development is irresistible


LED lighting integrated visible light communication to bring the "green lighting + green communication + all things" concept, with energy saving, no electromagnetic radiation, anti-electromagnetic interference and other characteristics, a wider range of applications, will bring the scale of the market scale. Whether it is intelligent lighting, visible light communication, or things networking, car networking and so on with the rhythm of the times, the development of science and technology innovation.

LED intelligent lighting market huge growth momentum strong

In recent years, "energy-saving emission reduction, sustainable development" has become the main theme of future development, in such a big background, LED lighting with its unique energy-saving, environmental protection, and therefore much attention. At the same time, with the introduction of intelligent, intelligent life concept, LED intelligent lighting has also been more and more attention. According to the data show that intelligent lighting market penetration is still less than 2%, the market prospects worth looking forward to. Up to now, there are hundreds of "smart city" pilot, the relevant intelligent lighting demand is still maintained a strong growth trend.

At the CEBIT show in Hannover, Germany in 2016, Huawei has released the first multi-level intelligent control lighting networking solution known as the industry, saving 80% of its electricity consumption. ZTE is also not so much, in the exhibition launched the industry's leading collection of street lamps,Portable LED flood light, charging pile, base station, intelligent city information collection as one of the "Blue Pillar" intelligent street lighting integrated solution ... ...

Intelligent lighting because the market is huge, whether it is industrial street lights, buildings, landscape lighting or consumer-level home lighting, have a broad market base. According to the International Climate Organization statistics, the global street lamp ownership of about 304 million, and in 2025 to reach 352 million.

It is predicted that by 2019, the intelligent lighting system with Internet of Things technology will bring about $ 550 billion in revenue for software and services, compared with $ 50 billion in hardware sales. Internet technology can be a variety of lighting equipment and lighting and intelligent network link, thereby saving up to 80% of electricity consumption.

Although the current field of intelligent light control has not yet formed a large-scale national consumer market, but the main manufacturers follow the trend, continuous efforts to develop more close to the reality of the demand for outstanding products. It is pointed out that the wisdom of lighting, is the wisdom of home, smart city, the Internet of things excellent access port, it contains the huge energy, not only for the entire lighting industry to bring innovation, will also have a great impact on the lighting industry The

Visible light communication technology will spawn a large number of related emerging industries

Visible light communication (VLC) the term believe that many people are no longer strange. It is understood that the current visible optical communication technology is moving from the laboratory to the reality and formally put into industrial production, it is not difficult to foresee, in the field of application prospects are considerable, with visible light communication technology for the industrialization of technology will be unpredictable The development of space.

According to industry experts, due to the high reliability of visible light communication, mercury-free emissions and non-interference, etc., can be widely used in spacecraft, hospitals, nuclear power plants and other electromagnetic sensitive areas, military and other information security areas, marine and other extreme environmental areas. In the wisdom of the city, wisdom, home, etc., visible light communication has a very broad development prospects. At present, the European visible light communications industry, the annual rate of 87.31% rapid growth.

In contrast, the development of visible light communication technology in China, the current visible optical communication technology will focus on mining, medical and other electromagnetic requirements are more sensitive to the small minority areas, but as a trillion output value of the emerging industries, visible light communication technology will be upstream and downstream Industry has a huge impact, but also spawn a large number of related industries related to this.

According to reports, visible light communication technology industry will also be hot in recent years, the wisdom of the city made a great contribution to the development. The building of intelligent city based on the Internet of Things will make the society really go to low carbon energy saving and reduce carbon emissions by 15% to 35%. Visible light communication technology system is bound to become an important part of intelligent city. Studies have shown that by 2018 semiconductor lighting penetration rate will reach 80%, so the development of LED-based visible light communication, will undoubtedly have a broad application prospects.

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