Smart Home Should First Address Issues

- Mar 29, 2017-

First, standard, intelligent household industry needs to have a unified technical standards, compatibility degree maximum release speed of home automation. Second, smart home products and the user needs to have a higher degree of fit to increase market acceptance. Third is the need for enterprises to the smart home market the payback period to have a lot of patience, the rush will cause more haste, cannot maintain a healthy development of the industry. These problem-solving situation, I believe that in a few days ago called "high technology industry bellwether," an understanding of the high-tech fair in Shenzhen, and clearer, more dynamic, and may also consider the current extremely hot "online events" once. December 16 and 17th, smart home--the industry's first online exhibition "OFweek2015 China's intelligent home online exhibition" will be unveiled, covers the entire smart home during the industrial chain of excellent enterprises and representative will complete and detailed innovative ideas and new solutions. Not only that, the LED will be held over the industry's first online exhibition---"OFweek2015 LED lighting online exhibition of China", also brings together the industry's most iconic companies, products and technology. As a result, the reader having to travel, patrons can learn more about LED and smart home the two have different characteristics, are all linked with the latest news and trends in the industry.

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