The Latest Black Science LED Lights, Shocking To The Extreme

- Mar 29, 2017-

First of all, as a LED lamp manufacturers in launching this product when play is in the name of "eco-friendly". This is because, Lumir c, this product from the design point of view, there is no external power supply.

In other words, this is a device that cannot be directly charged. However, probably only the manufacturer thinks do can save electricity. Because if you want to use it, you need to lit a candle at the bottom, and then the heat from the candle, Lumir c built-in thermoelectric devices of their own power. Then, by candlelight at the bottom + top LED lamp lighting in the form of.

And this LED lamp design, basically can only use the small round a candle at the bottom, and the candles sold very expensive too! In other words, others for only a few cents on a single charge you the same time candle prices far exceed this, please! Also, the environment? Ninth grade chemistry experiment: candle burning produces carbon dioxide, too! So rather than electricity.

Second, manufacturers in the publicity when it played the "feelings", said this is a very exotic equipment. This not only renders the small doubt on their own aesthetic, a light at the top of the kettle, at most, with a candle underneath, small cannot really understand atmosphere where. Looking for style rather than going directly to a candlelight dinner more romantic too!

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