The Lighting Pattern Of New Emerging Technologies

- Mar 29, 2017-

LED chip substrate market, Sapphire (most manufacturers to use the programme) and silicon carbide (mainly by manufacturers for CREE) still hold most of the country, but there are a lot of businesses has put the silicon substrate technology research and development and production.

For example, Toshiba buy Puri technology quickly cut into the silicon substrate, and Samsung announce the next technology and products are silicon chips. Crystal power in the country, Jiangxi province of silicon substrate technologies "carried the flag", has now become the world's first mass production of high power, high performance silicon substrate LED chip companies.

However, the unavoidable fact, Silicon bulk LED is a large-scale promotion meant that most of the LED chip companies may exit the market, out of interest, some of the LED chip companies in introducing products to customers are often magnified when the substrate LED faults, reasonable. Meanwhile, things inevitably his shortcomings, LED also faced a silicon substrate cost advantages and technical difficulty of the test, in which the biggest "Tiger" comes from silicon and gallium nitride material thermal mismatch and lattice mismatch.

Small view, take the high ground in the market, as a technique of silicon substrate "carried the flag"--Crystal power should be done to further improve the product, reduce costs and reduce technical difficulties, use more products and customer case to win, so that the substrate LED to become the next weapon of our proprietary products conquer the world market.

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