Two China Rechargeable LED Flood Lights Due To Quality Problems By The EU Recall

- Oct 26, 2017-

Two China Rechargeable LED flood lights due to quality problems by the EU recall

Recently, the European Commission non-food rapid early warning system (RAPEX) on the domestic two LED floodlights for quality issues, two cases of information for the country are Latvia.

The second notified product is a Smile Light LED floodlight made in China. The notified product has a power of 10 watts, grade IP65, product model SLL10-FLD-840S, product code 4752075003702, The OECD Portal Category is 78000000 (electrical).

The reason why the two products were recalled is that the cable fixing of the lamp is not strong and the parts can be loosened. When touching a live contact with a live part, the user may be subject to electric shock. The product does not meet the requirements of the low voltage directive and the relevant European standard EN60598.

At present, the EU has taken the product of the withdrawal of the market and the recall of the mandatory measures.

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