Wide Application Of LED Display

- Sep 01, 2017-

The country has been very early in advocating energy-saving emission reduction work, LED display is the advantage will be a lot of users to accept, in some government agencies began to purchase a large area LED display screen as a variety of culture, education, propaganda carrier.

The advantages of LED display

First, safety: LED display using Low-voltage DC supply voltage, so the use of very safe. No matter the old or the child can be safely used without causing a security risk. LED display normal use of current is: 20mA; voltage: 5V. Can drive the display, LED Panel visible its security is a prerequisite guarantee.

Second, softness: LED display using a very soft FPC as the base plate, easy to shape, suitable for a variety of advertising modeling needs.

Three, long life: LED display normal service life is $number million hours, 24 hours a day non-stop work, its life expectancy nearly 10 years. As a result, the life of the LED display is several times the traditional. LED Panel This is the general display can not be compared and through the customer's personal use has been proved, LED display service life of more than 50,000 hours, ideal can reach 10 years time.

Four, Super energy-saving: compared to traditional lighting and decorative lamps, power is several times lower, but the effect is much better. Now LED display manufacturers because of technical upgrading, in the driving chip design greatly increased energy-saving wiring, packaging on the use of high-brightness LED lights, LED Panel constant current low pressure technology, so that energy-saving effect is obvious.

Five, simple installation: LED display installation is very simple, with a fixed clip, wire groove, iron wire, iron nets, etc. can be installed on a variety of support surface. In addition, because the LED display light, thin, therefore, the use of double-sided adhesive can also achieve a fixed function. No need for professional installation, can really enjoy DIY decorative fun. Now LED display manufacturers in the continuous innovation, LED display design in the direction of Ultra-thin ultra-thin, die-casting aluminum box, small size, LED Panel light weight and other advantages of development, installation fast and simple.

Six, pure color: LED display with high brightness smd, so with the advantages of LED light-emitting elements, pure color, soft, no glare. It can be used for decorative purposes as well as for lighting purposes.

VII. Environmental protection: The LED display is composed of materials which are made of environmental protection materials, which are recyclable and will not cause environmental pollution and destruction because of the large amount of use.

Eight, the heat is small: LED display light-emitting elements are led, LED Panel because the single LED power is very low, generally 0.04~0.08W, so the calorific value is not high. can be used as decorative lighting in the aquarium, without a lot of heat caused by water temperature rise, affecting the growth of ornamental fish. If the calorific value is normal, because the need for electric drive use, will inevitably produce a certain amount of heat, for this reason, large companies began to gradually improve the thermal problem to break through, LED Panel and developed a heat sink can reduce-fan. Greatly reduces the LED display work when the heat generated problems.

IX. Wide application: LED display is widely used in building contour, step, Booth, Bridge, hotel, KTV decorative lighting, and advertising signboard production, LED Panel all kinds of large-scale animation, calligraphy and painting advertising design, etc. With the gradual maturation of LED display technology, its application scope will be more extensive.

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